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Service Desk Procedures & Guidelines

Service Desk Procedures & Guideline

Repair work order

To create a work order for repair or cataloging / metadata work


Please note: if the problem is that the barcode does not retrieve any records (you get an error message of Item not found or Failed to search the inventory) skip to step 6 of this procedure.


  1. Toggle to Phsyical item search and find the item (scan in the barcode is easiest) 
  2. At the far right of the record click on the three dots 
  3. In the menu that pops up click on Work Order
  4. On the work order creation screen use the drop-down menus to choose a Process Type of Technical Services work order and a Managing Department of Technical Services. Make sure Do not pick from shelf is checked and enter a note about the type of repair. Here's an example of what the work order should look like:
  5. Click the Submit button in the upper right
  6. Fill out a Technical Services Work Order form, place it inside the book, and place the book on the "Items for Technical Services" shelf.
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