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Service Desk Procedures & Guidelines

Service Desk Procedures & Guideline

Missing or checked out books, paging requests & holds

Items that are checked out should not be requested/recalled, patrons should submit a resource sharing request instead.

Items that are on the shelf can be requested in-person at the Service Desk or by phone--at this time patrons are not able to request them through OneSearch.

Missing and paging procedures

If a patron reports that an item is missing or would like us to page it for them please do the following:

  1. Do a repository search for the item
  2. In the results page toggle your view to show results for Institution
  3. When you have found the title the patron is looking for check the holdings summary
    • If one ore more copies are available select Request at the bottom of the resource record
      1. Choose Patron physical item request for the Request Type and enter a Requestor and Pickup at location and hit Submit at the far right
    • If zero copies are available select Resource sharing request
      1. Enter the requestor information and click Save at the far right

Cancelling a Hold

Holds expire after business 7 days. Extension on Holds are possible.

To cancel a hold through Alma:

  1. Scan the patron's ID in Manage Patron Services
  2. Click on the Requests tab
  3. Find the hold you want to cancel
  4. At the far right of the hold you will see a Action button
  5. Click Cancel
  6. On the next screen choose the appropriate Cancellation reason, enter a note if desired, and click Confirm at the far right


  • Some requests cannot be cancelled because they are currently in process (for instance, CSU+ items already in transit)
  • Patrons can cancel their own requests in OneSearch My Account. 
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