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Service Desk Procedures & Guidelines

Service Desk Procedures & Guideline

1.1 Checkout Policies

ONLY REGULAR CIRCULATING books can be checked out of the Library: not Reference, Library Use Only, or Periodicals (magazines).

A CURRENTLY VALID CSULA ID CARD or a Library Card is required for checkout. Check the photo to confirm patron’s identification; if you can’t tell from the photo, ask for another ID, like a Driver’s License.

CSULA STUDENT FILE MUST HAVE proof of current registration.  Unless the student has proof of registration for the current semester, they aren’t eligible to check books out.  Students without proof of registration must bring up their schedule on their phone or laptop.


PAPER LIBRARY CARDS AND SPECIAL ID CARDS, like Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA), have an expiration date, either on the card or on the patron’s library file. No checkouts allowed after the patron’s card has expired.

STUDENTS AT LOCAL RECIPROCAL BORROWING SCHOOLS use their own school ID, and present proof of current registration. A CSULA patron barcode is attached to cards that don’t have barcodes readable by our system.


  • CSULA PART TIME FACULTY: Must have plastic CSULA Faculty ID, or card from Department indicating when their teaching contract expires.
  • CSULA CONTINUING EDUCATION and CSULA SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Continuing Ed students must show receipt for current quarter. We will assign a temporary Library Card (see below). Special program patrons should have a plastic CSULA ID with an expiration date.
  • OFF-CAMPUS BORROWER COURTESY CARDS, including regular High School students, who must present a Request for University Library Borrowing Privileges form to receive a Library Card; members of the CSULA Alumni Association, who present a membership card with an expiration date; and members of other CSU Alumni Associations, who present their membership cards.

LOAN PERIODS AND MAXIMUM NUMBERS OF CHECKOUTS FOR PATRONS are listed on the accompanying chart from the Library’s web site.

THE LOAN PERIOD ON ANY BOOK CHECKED- OUT TO ANY PATRON CAN BE LIMITED TO TWO WEEKS, if the book is recalled.  A Recall Notice will be sent, via e-mail and the U.S. Postal Service, if a book is recalled. See HOLDS AND RECALLS, section 5.1.

1.2 Checkout Procedures

Standard Checkout:

Here is the link to get to ALMA, the catalog:

  1.  Returns:
  2. Go to ALMA and select Alma Production. 
  3. Select "Return Items" 
  4. Scan the item's barcode. 
  5. Once you are finished, press Exit. 
  6. Place on book cart to be shelved**.  
  7. **Course reserves (have a yellow sticker) and equipment must be put back in their place. 
  8. **CSU+ and Interlibrary loans need to be put below the holds shelf (the area is labeled)




Checking out items: Instructions with pictures

  1. Ask patron for their Cal State LA student ID card for their CIN number.
  2. Go to ALMA and select Alma Production. 
  3. Select "Manage Patron Services"         
  4. In the search field, type the student's CIN number, select the name that appears, and click "Go"
  5. Scan the item they want to check out
  6. Tell the patron the Due Date
  7. Click "Done"
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