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Service Desk Procedures & Guidelines

Service Desk Procedures & Guideline

8.1 If patron inquires of replacement

9.1 If the patron is inquiring about replacing a copy

  1. Look at the item they need replacing on the patron’s record
  2. Open Onesearch, find the item and scroll down to find the ISBN and edition (if applicable)
  3. Print the page that includes the Title, edition and ISBN to give to the patron
  4. Let the patron know that the only acceptable replacement must be the same book and edition, and must be NEW or VERY GOOD condition (not a used/highlighted/library copy). You can use the Replacement copy checklist to give to the patron, containing all the guidelines for an acceptable copy. Link for PDF

8.2 When patron comes with a replacement book copy

*** To be done by LIBRARY STAFF ONLY***

  1. Make sure the copy is the same ISBN and not used before accepting it from the patron.

  2. Look up the patron’s record on ALMA and PRINT the page containing the item(s) they have on loan. Make sure the Title and Barcode is clearly visible (Acquisitions needs this information)

  3. Find the Item record on ALMA by title or barcode and Click Work Order.

  4. Under Process Type, select Technical Services Work Order in the dropdown. In the Note field, type Replacement Copy and Select  Technical Services as the Managing Department. Click SUBMIT.

  5. Go back to the Patron's Record and if the item has not disappeared from the patron’s record, go to the item and select Delete Loan. If the Fine remains, Waive the fine and under reason put OTHER and  "Replacement copy provided + insert your initials + date"  in the reason or notes field. 

  6. Get a Technical Services Work Order slip and fill it out, Place slip in the book with the printout of the patron’s loan items

  7. Place on the shelve in the “Items Needing Attention” area.


ADDING the $15 BILLING Replacement FEE to a Patron account

*** To be done by LIBRARY STAFF ONLY***

  1. Open the Patron's account and click on their Active Balance (on the right of the screen, 0.00 USD)
  2. Under the Fines/Fees Tab, Select "Add Fine or Fee"


Fee Type: Other (Billing Fee)

Fee Amount $15.00

Item Barcode: 

Comment: Replacement/Billing fee

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