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Service Desk Procedures & Guidelines

Service Desk Procedures & Guideline

Answering, Transferring, Holding Calls

  • Walk-in patrons have priority over telephone callers. If the phone rings and you are involved with a patron or if a patron is waiting, do not answer.
  • When answering the phone, say something approximating this: “Cal State LA Library, how can I help you?."
  • Answering questions over the phone is usually limited to supplying a kind of information that is readily available and pertinent to the Library Service Desk.
  • For reference and research queries, refer the caller to the Reference Help link on our Library website so they can make an appointment with a Librarian or Student Research Consultant, or transfer the call to the appropriate extension. It is always a good practice to give the caller the transfer's phone number or email, before transferring (in case the call does not go through).
  • Calls should be handled as expeditiously as possible. Put the caller on hold for quick questions, but avoid long holds. If the query requires a search, take the caller’s phone number and give the caller your name with an indication of when the call will be returned.

To put someone on Hold:

  • Tell the caller that you’re putting him/her on Hold.
  • Press Hold
  • To reactivate the call, press the flashing line.

To Transfer a call:

  • Before transferring, give the caller the phone number in case you get disconnected.
  • Press Transfer
  • Dial the number: 3-XXXX
  • Wait until you hear a ring, press Transfer, and hang up (if you do not wish to talk to the recipient of the transfer).
  • If you do wish to talk to the recipient of the transfer, wait until they answer, speak to them, then press Transfer and hang up.

Useful sources at the desk to find campus phone numbers and offices: Campus Operator x3000, and Campus telephone directory.


Voicemail information


The Library's main service line is 3-3988.

To access messages or access the voicemail on the main service line:

  1. PRESS the Message button on the bottom of the phone.
  2. Mailbox: 33988#
  3. Passcode:39883988#




Further information on changing your voicemail can be found on the Telecommunications page HERE

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