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Service Desk Procedures & Guidelines

Service Desk Procedures & Guideline

Circulation Desk Handbook

Table of Contents


 1.0    Checkout a Book

    1.1    Checkout Policies

     1.2    Checkout Procedures for Regular and Special Loans


 2.0    Inputting and updating patron I.D. cards

    2.1 ID Card Barcode Not On File

    2.2 No Customer File Appears


3.0    Taking Payments at the Circulation Desk

    3.1 Policies on taking payments

    3.2 Payment Procedures for Millennium OPAC

    3.3 Payment Procedures for Point-Of-Sale Register


4.0    Reserves Collection

    4.1 Types of Reserves

    4.2 Loan Periods of Non-Electronic Reserves Items

    4.3 Checking Out Non-Electronic Reserves Items


Holds and Recalls

    5.1 Hold and Recall Policies

    5.2 Hold and Recall Procedures for Millennium OPAC

    5.3 Canceling a Hold


6.0    Bookings and Reservations

    6.1 Bookings and Reservations Policies

    6.2 Booking Procedures for Reserves or Group Study Rooms

    6.3 Canceling a Booking


7.0    Renewals

    7.1 Renewal Policies

    7.2 Renewal Procedures for Millennium OPAC

    7.3 Renewals for CSULA Full-Time Faculty on Items not Recalled, or Renewed More than Twice

    7.4 Renewals for CSULA Full-Time Faculty on Items Renewed  More than Twice 


8.0 Replacement Copy Procedure

    9.1 If the patron is inquiring about replacing a copy

  9.2 When the patron comes back with a replacement copy







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