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Service Desk Procedures & Guidelines

Service Desk Procedures & Guideline

Student Assistant expectations

All students working at the Library Service Desk are expected to follow these guidelines, check with your supervisor if you have any questions. 

  • Attendance – You are expected to arrive ready to work at the beginning of your shift. If you must call out sick at the last minute, or if you know that you will be more than 10 minutes late, please inform Staff by calling 323-343-3988.
  • Leaving Early – Please arrange this request with your supervisor if you need to leave early. If you are the only person on duty, you should not abandon the Circulation Desk.
  • Working Relations – You are to conduct yourself with professionalism and respect at all times. Display courtesy and cooperativeness at all times towards all customers while carrying out your job duties.  Your interactions with others must be collegial and help create a positive work environment.
  • Communications – Communicate with us.  If you are unclear on any assignment, or if you have completed one task and are ready for additional work, you are strongly encouraged to show initiative and contact a staff member for more work.  Do not fall into the habit of having others seek you out to find out the status of your work.
  • Accuracy – When you are given a work assignment, task, or project, you are expected to perform the work with accuracy.  Your work will be spot-checked to ensure that work is being done properly.
  • Directives or Directions - Employees are required to comply with our instructions or directives.  In the event you are unable to meet this standard, you should consult with us immediately to discuss any problems, delays, and/or challenges.  You should not disregard a request, instruction, or direction given to you by a librarian, or staff.  We must be able to rely on you to carry out your job responsibilities and to give feedback if there are any problems.  While there may be times that you do not always agree with the decisions, requests or directives, I encourage you to discuss your concerns with us, but ultimately you are responsible for complying.  This includes complying with assignments listed on the daily schedule.
  • Light studying is permitted at the Circulation Desk only when there are no patrons to assist.  You are expected to be attentive at all times.  You may be asked to stow away your homework if you become too involved in it instead of helping patrons or if the library is busy. Do NOT watch videos or use social media at the service desk. Service desk computers are for light studying and helping customers.
  • Food should be kept in the cabinets behind the service desk, the fridge, or in your bags and consumed off the clock or on breaks. Food should not be seen or consumed at the Service desk. Please eat your food away from electronics such as computers, laptops, and tablets. Drinks are permitted at the service desk, but use caution to prevent spilling and store drinks under the service desk cabinets.
  • Rest periods and meal breaks must be taken away from the Service Desk area. If you are off the clock or taking your break you must not linger at the service desk. It is confusing for staff.
  • Cell phones should be turned off or silenced while at work. Texting is not permitted at the Service desk. If you need to make a phone call please do so away from the service desk. You may use your phone when you are on break or off the clock (away from the desk).

Staff coordinator expectations

The person assigned as the staff UX Desk Coordinator each hour is expected to do the following. Ask your supervisor if you have any questions.

  • Ensure student employees working at the desk are following all expectations from their signed conduct contract. If you observe students breaking the contract please immediately remind them of the behavior they agreed to. Refer anyone who refuses to comply or repeat offenders to their supervisor.
  • Your job is to coordinate work at the desk, not provide front line service or socialize with student employees. Unless the desk is very short staffed please do not sit at the desk. Allow and encourage students to have the first interaction with patrons. Keep conversation work appropriate and to a minimum. 
  • If you need to step away from the desk for any reason ensure all student employees know you are stepping away and when you plan on returning. 
  • Make sure students are staying on task completing roving and any special assignments they have been given. 
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