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ALMA/Primo Training: Electronic Resources

Electronic Resources Learning Objectives



  • Ability to activate E-resources
  • Ability to create POL/Invoices


Beyond the basics:

  • Ability to customize POL fields for reporting purposes
  • Ability to construct a Display Logic Rule
  • Ability to perform an Overlap Analysis


Workflow Documentation

 Build your knowledge:

Using reporting codes for analytic purposes

Purchase Line Type (POL type) can not be easily changed. Use caution when selecting this type. If you are consistent this makes pulling Analytics simple. Our campus defined 16 POL types for local use and disabled all other POL types. You can also create POL templates.


We then defined reporting codes within the POL for local use. To identify the creator of the POL and fund category for example. 

Display Logic Rules


Problem                        Our library has a subscription to a roughly 50 title Gale database package and the linking became problematic. Ex Libris said they were aware of the problem but no date was available for the fix. 
Solution It was suggested we temporarily suppress the Gale links from OneSearch. This was accomplished by using the Alma feature: "display logic rules"
Rule Created Normalizatin Rule Example
Before Rule is applied After Rule is applied: the Gale links are removed and other access points are displayed.


Overlap Analysis


Benefits of Setting up SUSHI

  • Fairly easy set-up 
  • Built in functionality that captures errors in reports is available
  • Analytics is quick and easy
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