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ALMA/Primo Training: Acquisitions

Acquisitions Learning Objectives

Millennium equivalent     




  • Gain a basic understanding of Alma Acquisitions
  • Ability to create a new fund
  • Ability to create a new vendor
  • Ability to search for POL

Acquisitions Basics

 Begin by viewing a brief overview of Acquisitions video.

Learn more about the Purchasing Workflow by watching the additional videos below: 

Workflow Documentation



Acquisitions contains the following workflows/sections:

Simple Practice Tasks

Test Your Knowledge!

1. Create a vendor record

    PATH: Acquisitions--Acquisitions Infrastructure--Vendors

2. Create a fund

    PATH: Acquisitions--Acquisitions Config--General--Fund Types--Create a new order table row

3. Search for POL Number 110

      PATH: Search drop down menu--select POL search--enter POL number


 Log into ALMA here

Need a log in? Contact Mark Braden: 

* Los Angeles Campus only


John F. Kennedy Memorial Library
California State University, Los Angeles
5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90032-8300