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ALMA/Primo Training: Getting Started

Getting Started


What is Alma?

An all-in-one system offered by Ex Libris that covers all library operations: selection, acquisition, metadata management, digitization, and fulfillment. Basically, all the back end operations.

Why Alma?

Cost saving: the implementation of Alma will save the CSU system close to $1 million dollars per year.

Consortia capabilities: shared metadata management and centralized e-resource management.

Watch David Walker (Director of CSU's System wide Digital Library Services) explain the benefits of ALMA here 

What are Primo and Primo Central?
  • Primo is the user interface
  • The Primo Central index is a mega-aggregation of hundreds of millions of scholarly e-resources
When is Alma happening? Master Timeline
Who is effected by Alma? Everyone!
Where can I find info. and learn about Alma?


Ex Libris Knowledge Center  (no login required).

  • Documentation
  • Training (including Discover Alma, Alma Essentials, Implementation Tutorials, Extended Training, and more)

CSU ULMS Project Main Page 



ALMA Test Environment: See each tab for login info. 

ALMA Information Structure

Organization chart showing the higherarchy of the ALMA zones

 Infographic showing the organization of ALMA zones

Dashboard and Basic Searching

Watch the video to view Alma's Dashboard (homepage) and how to navigate it. Learn how to conduct a basic search

Perform a Repository search from the Alma dashboard:


ALMA search bar

Or from the Dashbaord: Click the Alma drop down menu--Resourse Management--Search and Sets--Repository Search

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