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ALMA/Primo Training: Resource Management

Resource Management Learning Objectives

Millennium equivalent     




  • Ability to open and edit a Bibliographic record
  • Ability to attach holdings/item records to a recently imported OCLC record
  • Ability to check in a new journal issue
  • Ability to Suppress internal records from public display

Workflow Documentation

Resource Management contains the following workflows/sections:

Print Serials Documentation & Workflows

Serials Tasks:

I. Check-in new issues:

   a. Path: Acquisitions-- Receiving & Invoicing-- Receive (must be in the proper receiving dept.!!!)

   b. Select the "continuous" tab - find the correct title from the list-- action-- receive

   c. receiving screen: fill out new vol./issue info. and save


A chart explaining the difference between Ad hoc serials and predictions

Simple Practice Tasks

Test Your Knowledge!

1. Open and edit a Bib record

    PATH: Repository search-select your title-click edit, in the MD Editor click edit- make changes in the body of the record or add/remove a field

2. Attach holdings/item record to recently imported OCLC record

     PATH: Repository search-select your title-click edit-Tools-MARC BIB-Add holding-Populate fields-File-Save record (leave bib open)- Click Create Item-populate fields. 

3. Check-in a new issue of a journal 

    PATH: Acquisitions--Receiving & invoicing--Receive



 Log into ALMA here


Need a log in? Contact Mark Braden: 

* Los Angeles Campus only


John F. Kennedy Memorial Library
California State University, Los Angeles
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