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Frequently Asked Questions About E-Books

How Do I Find E-books in Library? 
Can I Read E-books on Library Computers?
Can I Download an E-book to a Library Computer?

How Long Can I Use an E-book? 
Can I Renew an E-book?
How Many Pages Can I Print?
Can I Read Library E-books from Home?
Why Do I Need to Install Adobe Digital Editions?

Can I Put E-books on Andriod, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and Sony Reader?
How do I cite E-books?  

How to Transfer a PDF File from a Computer to an E-reading Device?
What Does One Concurrent User Only or Limited Users Mean?
Why Can I Not Access the E-books Title I Want?
Why Do I Need to Have an Ebrary Account?
What I Need to Know If I Need to Place an E-books on Reserves?
What Is DRM?
How Do I Get Help If I Encounter Problems Using E-books?


How Do I Find eBooks in Library? 
Cal State LA users have access to a range of eBook packages that can be read in a web browser. To find E-books in the library, go to the OneSearch on the homepage.  Enter your search terms, and at the search result page, limit your results by clicking Books or Book Chapters under Resource Type and then "Full-text online" under Available at Cal State LA on the left of the screen. You can also browse our ebook collections via the Databases A-Z List or via this eBook Guide.

Can I Read E-books on Library Computers?
Yes. You can read eBooks on a library computer using any web browser.

Can I Download an eBook to a Library Computer?
You will not be able to download an ebook to a library computer because the computers in the library are set to clear off any downloaded content once a user is logged off. Depending on publishers or eBook vendors, some eBooks also require computers with Adobe Digital Editions,  a software application that enables you to read the downloaded e-books.  The Adobe Digital Editions software is not installed on library computers. For more downloading information, visit the eBook Guide for downloading option on different ebook platforms.

How Long Can I Use an eBook?  
It varies depending on the eBooks supplier, but most of our eBooks have an unlimited browsing period. Some eBooks can be downloaded for a defined time, normally 7 days or 14 days.  Some eBooks have a 30-minute idle time limit meaning that you will be logged off if there is no activity for 30 minutes.

Can I Renew an eBook?
No. eBooks cannot be renewed.  You need to return your downloaded ebooks and then you can download it again if it is available for download. 

How Many Pages Can I Print?
The number of pages that you can print varies from platform to platform. Please refer to the eBook Guide page for details.

Can I Read Library eBooks from Home?
Yes. If you are trying to access eBooks from off-campus, you need to initially log in using your MYCalStateLA IdentityAccount ID and password. Once you have logged in, you should be able to read the book content online from any off-campus locations.

Why Do I Need to Install Adobe Digital Editions?
Some eBooks suppliers allow for eBooks downloading for offline reading. In order to download eBooks to your computer, you need to install the Adobe Digital Editions, a free software application, on your computer.

Can I Put eBooks on Andriod, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and Sony Reader?
Yes. Check the eReaders & Devices page for details.

How do I Cite eBooks?   
Please check Cite eBooks page in this guide.

How to Transfer a PDF File from a Computer to an E-Reading Device?
The steps for transferring a PDF from your computer to your e-reading device are different for each device. Using Dropbox is one popular way, and here are a few guides that provide useful information:

What Does One Concurrent User Only or Limited Users Mean?
It means that only one user, or limited users (normally, one to three users) can download or read an eBook title at a time.  If a single user eBook is viewed or opened by another user, you will get “This book is in use” message. If you see this message, you should try to access it at a later time.

Why Can I Not Access an eBook Title I Want?
Sometimes you may encounter “This book is in use” message while trying to access an eBook. This means that these eBook titles have a limit on the number of concurrent users permitted.  For example, if an eBook with one concurrent user limit is in use, you will see this message and you will be denied access to this book. If that happens, you should assume that the book is already in use and you can simply try again later.

Why Do I Need to Have an eBook Central Account?
In order to download an eBook Central eBook, you need to create an eBook Central personal account. You should get a pop-up box that asks you to log in once you click the download button. If you have already created an account you can use the login link on the upper right corner of the browser to log in; if you don’t have an eBook Central account, you can create one using the “Create an account” link in the login pop-up box.

What do I need to Know If I Need to Place an eBook on Reserves?
If you are an instructor and want to use a particular eBook as a required text for your class, you need to first make clear that only eBooks with unlimited concurrent user access should be placed on reserves. If an eBook you would like to place on reserves with limited access, please get in touch with your library liaison to your department.  He or she can seek to learn if unlimited access at the institutional level (with no specific limit of concurrent users) can be made possible, and at what cost.   If it turns out that concurrent use can be purchased for no more than say three simultaneous users, you may want to supplement the eBook availability with a print copy of the same title to be put on physical Reserves in the library.

What Is DRM?
DRM technology, or Digital Rights Management technology, tries to control what you can and cannot do with the digital media, such as eBooks, the library provides.  The American Library Association defines it as follows: "The purpose of DRM technology is to control access to, track and limit uses of digital works. These controls are normally embedded in the work and accompany it when it is distributed to the consumer.” Primarily, DRM controls whether you can download and how you can use an eBook.

How Do I Get Help If I Encounter Problems Using eBooks?
Use the Report a Problem form, or use Ask Us Chat Reference from the library homepage.  Please provide detailed information about the difficulties you are encountering. Screenshots to show error messages would be very helpful.

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