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Ebook Central Platform contains ebooks from the CSU system-wide Proquest Academic Complete collection of approximately 180,000+ titles. 

Ebook Central Support & Guides

Use Ebook Central Support or click the ? on the upper right corner

Ebook Central Libguide

How to Use Ebook Central (Video)

Access You can access the Library Ebook Central ebooks via either OneSearch or via the Ebook Central portal found on the Databases A-Z list. You need to enter your campus MyCSULA Identity account login to access Ebook Central ebooks both on- and off-campus.

Ebook Central is designed for patrons with accessibility needs, particularly the blind and visually impaired. We are:

  • Targeting AA conformance level to W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) for features and functions
  • Certifying for use with major screen readers (JAWS and VoiceOver)
  • Formatting book content to be readable online and offline
  • Working with third-party specialists in accessibility
For more information, go to
Citation Exporting From Cite Book link on the left, select either RefWorks or EndNote to export your citation or copy the citation by style.
  • Select Read Online
  • Highlight the text you need to copy
  • Click InfoTools and select Copy
  • Once the Copy box is open, use Ctrl and C to copy
  • Use Ctrl and V to paste
  • Chapters in PDF, a range of pages, and the whole book can be downloaded.
  • Ebook Central allows downloads for a meximum 21 days.  At the download page, users are presented with following options for their downloading days:
    • 1 day
    • 7-day
    • 14-day
    • 21-day
  • Ebooks with one user access model cannot be downloaded.
  • Please note, some publishers prohibit full book downloading of their publications. See these publishers on this list.
  • To download an Ebook Central ebook to your computer desk top or laptop, follow the steps below:
    • Search the book and open the book you have found in Ebook Central platform.
    • Before downloading, users need to install Adobe Digital Editions (free online ) on their computers.
    • Click Full Download icon to download the book to your Adobe Digital Editions that you have installed in your computer.
    • You can then read the book from the Adobe Digital Editions platform.
  • To download an Ebook Central ebook to your iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) or Android (Phone, Tablet), follow the steps below:
    • Before downloading, users need to obtain an Adobe ID to be used to sign in.
    • Before downloading, users also need to install the Bluefire Reader app (cost $3.99) or Calibre free app to their mobile device.
    • Search ebooks, and once you have found the ebook you need and you can click the Full Download icon
    • You should be prompted with the login screen to enter your Adobe ID, and an option page for you to choose your mobile device.
    • Once you have followed these steps you can download the ebook to your device, and begin reading.

    For more information about downloading, go to Download section of Ebook Central Libguide.

Mobile Devices

Ebook Central ebooks can be viewed directly using the browser on the tablet device.

Mobile Apps are available for the iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® and for Android. These apps can be downloaded from the App Store.

For downloading instructions, go to

Notetaking/ Create Note

Steps to create and view notes:

  • highlight the text in the book where you have needs to make annotations/notes
  • From the took bar, select Add Note
  • Once the note box is open, enter your text and click Save when you are done
  • To view your notes, you need to login your Ebook Central account
  • Click on Bookshelf tab above the tool bar, once in your Bookshelf, click Annotated Books link, and you should see all your books with notes. 
  • Select the book title, and click Annotation.

For more information on creating notes, go to


There are two steps to print: first to print to PDF, and then print the PDF file.  There are three options to print in a session: current page, a range of pages upto maximum 137 pages, or a chapter. To print,

  • From tool bar, select Print
  • Select any of the options above
  • Click the Print button
  • You can only print to PDF.  Once the pages in a PDF format, you can print the PDF file. 

For downloaded ebooks, they are automatically returned when the loan period expires. If you want to return the downloaded book earlier than the loan period,

  • go to your Adobe Digital Editions
  • Click All Items or Borrowed Items
  • Move your curse to the book you want to return
  • Click the arrow on the upper left of the book cover
  • Select "Return Borrowed Item" option
Saving as PDF

There are two options for saving: a chapter or a range of selected pages.

  • Within the View of a book, click the Download button
  • Select a chapter from "Create an image PDF of the current chapter" pull-down menu, and select the chapter you need to save, and click OK button at the lower right corner
  • Or select "Create an image PDF of pages", enter the page range (maximum 137 pages), and click OK button
Campus Purchased vs. Subscription 

Proquest eBook Central platform includes ebooks from the CSU system-wide subscription collection, and campus purchased ebook titles. 

For the titles in the system-wide subscription package, Proquest removes some titles from the collection twice a year.  These removed titles are posted in the Library Intranet in June and December.  Removed titles will be withdrawn from Alma, so access will become unavailable on OneSearch.  For all campus purchased titles, we have perpetual access.  To identify whether a title is from the system-wide subscription collection, you can see the following three areas:

  • The name of the collection, for the CSU system-wide subscription collection, it is called “ProQuest Ebook Central Academic Complete”; for the local purchased title, it is called “Proquest eBook Central Campus Collection”.
  • If it is a system-wide subscription title, there is a Network Zone ID in the full book record.
  • The public notes is also marked differently. For the system-wide subscription titles, it uses “Unlimited user access”, which is different from our campus purchased title, which uses the number of access with an image.

User Limits

All titles in the system-wide subscription package have unlimited access. 
Access levels vary for campus purchased titles.  There are primarily three levels of access:  unlimited concurrent user access, one user at a time, and three users at a time.  The
access level is marked under Public Note in the full book record page. The access limit can also be identified under Availability below the book title in view page on the eBook Central platform.  Below are some examples: 

  • 1-user access model title "Your institution has access to 1 copy of this book"
  • 3-user access model title "Your institution has access to 3 copies of this book"
  • Non-linear access model title * "Your institution has access to multiple copies of this book"
  • Unlimited-user access model title "Your institution has unlimited access to this book"

* Non-Linear Access Model: Under this model, titles are not restricted to linear distribution - one patron at a time - but rather they can be lent to any number of users concurrently. There are a set number of lending days per title per year, typically up to 325 days. Lending days reset annually. The number of days used for each loan is subtracted from the total number of annual loan days available for the title. For example, if four users each trigger a five day loan for the same title, 20 days are deducted from the title’s 325 loan days. The combined number of loan days cannot exceed the annual loan days in a year.

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