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Placing eBooks on Reserves

Before placing an e-book on reserves or linking it in Canvas for your course, you need to make sure the following:

eBook with limited concurrent user access

  • Many Library's eBooks have limited concurrent users varying from one user to three users, you should check and find out the number of concurrent users for the e-book in question.  To check the level of access for an eBook, you can do a title search using OneSearch. 
  • If an eBook you would like to place on reserves with limited access (1-user, or 3-user), please get in touch with the library subject liaison librarian to your department.  The librarian can seek to learn if unlimited access at the institutional level (with no specific limit of concurrent users) can be made possible, and at what cost.   If it turns out that concurrent use can be purchased for no more than say three simultaneous users, you may want to supplement the eBook availability with a hard copy format of the same title to be put on physical Reserves in the library.

Not all eBooks are in perpetuity in our collection

  • Books in Proquest eBook Central can be dropped by publishers twice a year in June and December.  If you find an ebook was able before, but no longer available, please contact your liaison librarians, who can find out whether we need to purchase a copy. 

Link eBooks in Canvas

eBooks can be linked in Canvas for your courses.  In order for both teaching faculty and students to be able to access these ebooks on campus and remotely, you need to make sure to use the ebook's permanent link plus the campus EZProxy prefix.

Example 1 -- Permanent Link from OneSearch Result

If you've obtained the permanent link from your OneSearch result,  you don't need to add the library's EZProxy prefix

Wyness, L., Stanner, S., & Buttriss, J. (2013). Nutrition and development: Short- and long-term consequences for health (British Nutrition Foundation). Chichester, West Sussex: Published by Wiley-Blackwell for the British Nutrition Foundation.

Permanent Link:

How to Obtain a Permanent Link?
OneSearch Result--click the PERMALINK under Send To

Example 2 -- Permanent Link from an individual eBook package

BEM, S. (1998). An Unconventional Family. Yale University Press.

From JSTOR eBook package. 

Permanent eBook URL:

In this case, you need to add the Cal State LA EZProxy prefix: in front of the book permanent URL, so your eBook URL will have two components: EZProxy Link + Permanent Link 
In the example above, the correct URL to use for Canvas, email, etc. is:

John F. Kennedy Memorial Library
California State University, Los Angeles
5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90032-8300