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A guide to finding U.S. government documents

Welcome to the Government Resource Guide

The Government Resource Guide is provided to assist students, faculty, and staff in accessing federal and state government documents and resources available through the Cal State LA University Library, federal, and state government and other resource websites. In addition to guiding users through Federal and State Depository Library Program information, this guide also provides a selection of links to Federal and State web portals, search tools, documents and agencies in order to provide valuable resources and tools for research or everyday questions.

Federal Government Resources

The Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) was established by Congress in 1813 to ensure free public access to Federal Government information. Cal State LA was designated as a Federal depository library in 1956, one of 72 FDLP libraries in California. The United States Congress first authorized the distribution of Government documents to universities, historical societies, and state libraries in 1813. The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) has overseen the FDLP since 1895. Currently, over 1,100 libraries across the nation are members of the FDLP. For more information about the FDLP, visit The menu on the left will help you to navigate access to FDLP documents.

The Federal Government Resources section also provides links and information about the Federal Legislative, Judicial, and Executive Branches of Government. Additionally, a selection of Federal data and statistics resources are provided.

California Government Resources

In 1945, the California Legislature passed the Library Distribution Act (Government Code 14900 – 14912), which established the depository library program to make California state documents readily available to the state's citizens. The California State Library is responsible for carrying out the provisions of the Act by developing and maintaining standards for depository libraries, granting depository status to libraries, and administering the depository program. Today a total of 102 libraries statewide participate in this program.

Cal State LA University Library is one of the 102 libraries statewide participating in the depository program. This section is where you can find how to access California State Government documents. This section also provides links and information about the California Legislative, Judicial, and Executive Branches of Government. Additionally, a selection of California data and statistics resources are provided.

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