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English Literature

A guide to library resources for English Literature students.

About Databases

Databases are extremely useful tools for finding peer-reviewed journal articles, as well as scholarly essays and chapters in eBooks.

Not sure which database to use? 

  • Try a key database (below)
  • Search in OneSearch, and pay attention to which databases it links you to. If one database keeps showing up for your searches (e.g., JSTOR), try searching it directly.
  • Read the database titles and descriptions. Most are specific to material type (e.g., articles, chapters), disciplines (e.g., Literature) or broad areas (e.g., Humanities).
  • Ask your Librarian (email is best) or Professor!

Key Databases for English

Broad Databases

Pedagogy & Teaching


More Databases

Find Articles in OneSearch

Search for articles in OneSearch if you: 

1) Have an interdisciplinary, experimental, or very specific topic and are having trouble finding articles in a database. 

2) Have a topic in mind and are not sure which database would be best.

3) Know the title of the exact article you are looking for and need to find it. 

Note: OneSearch does not search all databases, so you may miss some articles.


GoogleScholar searches the entire web for scholarly materials.

Downside of using Google Scholar: 

  • There is no way to search for only peer-reviewed articles in academic journals.
  • It lists unpublished works, such as dissertations or theses, without a way to filter them out.
  • You will get millions of results organized by popularity (highest cited). 

Upsides of using Google Scholar:

  • You can easily search for an article by title.
  • You can press the "cited by" button to find similar articles and to see who else has cited the article.
  • Google Scholar can recognize you as a Cal State LA student so you have better access to articles (see below)


How to get Google Scholar to recognize you are a Cal State LA Student:

If Google Scholar knows you are a Cal State LA student, you will see "Find it @ Cal State LA" links, pictured below.

If you are on-campus, access Google Scholar from the library home page to ensure you are connected to Cal State LA's articles.

If you are off-campus, access Google Scholar from the library home page. If you do not go through the library homepage, make sure you add Cal State LA to your institutions:


Is this Journal Peer-Reviewed?

Peer-review means the journal publishes articles that have been reviewed by 3-5 experts over the course of 3-9 months.

  • Click the journal title in a database and look for information about peer review.
  • If you cannot find information about the journal through the database, try looking up the journal through the resources below.
  • Google search the journal and look at the Editorial guidelines, which should always specify the peer review process.
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