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A guide to library resources for English Literature students.

Accessing an Article

This button appears in many databases. Click this button to see if Cal State LA has a subscription to a database that has the full-text PDF. When you click the "Find It" button, a new tab will open and you will see one of two things:

1. "Full text is available at: Some Database" - click the link and look for the full-text PDF button.

2. "No full text available." If you see this, you can "request this article" through interlibrary loan. See box below.


Interlibrary Loan & iLLiad

How to Order Items for Free

If Cal State LA does not have an article or book chapter, or if you are unable to access the physical copy, you can request an electronic copy through iLLiad. iLLiad is part of our Interlibrary Loan service.

Interlibrary Loan =

  • CSU Collections (aka CSU+): Delivers physical books and dvds from other CSUs for free.
  • iLLiad: Request electronic versions of articles and book chapters for free! (never pay for an article). If CSU+ does not have a book you need, you can also use iLLiad to request a book delivery from a non-CSU University.

The iLLiad sign-on screen is pictured below. First-time users will need to register.

Once you are signed in, you may see an auto-populated form ready to submit (if you came to iLLiad from a "request this article" link). Otherwise, you need to fill out a form to submit a "New Request" (see image below).

You may request any number of articles, and up to 2 book chapters per book (due to copyright). If you would like two book chapters from the same book scanned and emailed to you, complete one form per book chapter.

iLLiad Video Tutorial

Bookmarking or Saving Articles

Recommended steps for saving articles:

  • Once you find a source, click the "cite" button. These citations may not be accurate, so you'll need to double-check them later.
  • Paste the citation for the source in a word document.
  • To find the source later, type the title of the article or book in OneSearch, which will search across 80% of the library's collection. If it doesn't show up in OneSearch, try Google Scholar. If you can't find it through OneSearch or Google Scholar, you'll need to go to the database you found it in (e.g., JSTOR). The citation will typically include a link that indicates the database.

Other options for saving sources:

  • Save them to your OneSearch account by pressing the "pin" icon.
  • Use a Citation Manager to manage citations. 
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