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LBS 3020 - Writing the Interdisciplinary Essay

Searching the Library's Article Databases

You can use an Article Database to find journal, magazine, and newspaper articles on your topic. 

It is important to search in a selection of databases that are appropriate to the nature of your chosen topic.

Don't forget to first search in the "home" discipline of your primary source(s)...

  • If you're evaluating a movie, search a film or humanities database
  • If you're critiquing a novel or poem, search a literature database
  • If you're examining a historical document, search a history database, etc.

Several Cal State LA databases are interdisciplinary and include articles from cross-fields of study--social science, humanities, and natural science. These include...

Humanities Databases

Several databases specialize in sub-disciplines of the humanities. These include...

Social Sciences Databases

Other databases specialize in sub-disciplines of the social sciences. These include...

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