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LBS 3020 - Writing the Interdisciplinary Essay

Best Article Databases for Research Report #2

In completing Research Report Assignment #2 you need to locate scholarly articles about the primary sources that you're considering in your Final Paper

The following
humanities databases will be most useful for this research task.

MLA International Bibliography

Humanities Full Text

Communication & Mass Media Complete

America History & Life 

To open any of these databases, click on the link for the database, input your my Cal State LA authentication (if you're working off-campus), and then begin an Advanced Search.

One source for Research Report Assignment #2 needs to be obtained using Interlibrary Loan (ILL), and a second source needs to be located using reference materials.

Click here for info. regarding reference resources at our Library.

Click here for info. regarding how to use Interlibrary Loan at our Library.

Search Tips: Finding Scholarly or Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • Use a database that indexes peer-reviewed journals, such as JSTOR, the MLA International Bibliography, or Sociological Abstracts.
  • On the Search screen in any database, click the option (if offered) to limit results to "Scholarly/Peer-Reviewed Journals."

  • Scan the abstract of any article to identify words typically used in original research, such as "methods," "survey," "data," "results," "findings" or "conclusions." If the abstract includes some combination of these terms, there's a good chance that it is of scholarly or peer-reviewed nature.

  • Still unsure if the article comes from a peer-reviewed journal?  Identify the name of the journal in which the article was originally published, and find the publication's home site on the Internet.  Look for information "About" the journal and its editorial standards.  If the journal says that submissions are reviewed by an editorial panel of the author's peers, then it's a peer-reviewed journal!
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