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The New York Times Digital Edition ( is now freely available for all current Cal State LA students, faculty, and staff, courtesy of the University Library. Access articles from 1851 - present, interactive graphics, videos, podcasts, digitized images, and more! 

New Users - Get Access!

1. Go to to register.

2. Follow the step-by-step instructions to create a new account.  

Note: If you are off-campus, you may be prompted to sign in through the library's authentication site using your MyCalStateLA credentials.

3. Make sure to sign up using your Cal State LA email address. 

4. After registration is complete, login or through the NYT mobile app to start using your free subscription.

***If you encounter any error messages, please email

View the video below to see a demonstration of the registration process.

Existing Subscribers

If you have an existing paid New York Times subscription with your Cal State LA email:

  • You must cancel it before it may be linked to your school’s program. You may cancel through Customer Care: / 800-591-9233 / chat
  • After canceling your personal subscription, you can then register for free access through Cal State LA by following the instructions listed here:  Access NYT for CalStateLA. 


If you have an existing paid New York Times subscription with your personal email:

  • Register for free access through Cal State LA by following the instructions here: Access NYT for CalStateLA. 
  • You do not need to cancel your existing personal subscription unless you'd like to associate your existing personal New York Time account with Cal State LA's free access. 
    • (To do this, you will select the "Already have an account? Log in here" option when completing the registration process and will enter your existing personal username and password. This will associate your existing account with Cal State LA's subscription.)


If you encounter any error messages, please email

NYT Mobile App

Check out the New York Times Mobile App!

To use the mobile app: 

1. Start by registering for free New York Times access, following the instructions here: Get free access to The New York Times

2. Download the mobile app from your device's app store.

3. Use your new account credentials to log in to the app.



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