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How to Research a Company

Company and Industry Profiles 

Start with the company websiteScreenshot of Disney Investor Relations website

Look for an “About Us” page that should provide you with a history of the company.  Note that this will be biased information as it is self reported by the company.

Then google the company name and “investor relations”. This will usually lead you to the company’s annual review.




Read Annual Reviews or 10K Forms

screenshot of disney 10k A Annual Report (or Shareholder report) provides information to investors about a company’s yearly activities.

10K Form is a required document by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that discusses a company’s finances. Note that only publicly traded companies are required to provide access to their financials. If you can’t find a company’s financial information, it may be a privately owned company so talk to the librarian for help.



Find a company profile

  • Company profiles written by a third party is very useful information.
  • Marketine is a good place to search for company reports.

Read news about the company

  • This link has several databases with business news.

Look at Industry Profiles

  • Don’t just focus on a particular company, learn about the world it lives in by looking at industry reports.



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