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Measure Your Research Impact

This guide covers some of the more common measures of author, journal, and article impact - what they are, and how to find them.

What Are Article Metrics?

Article metrics attempt to provide a snapshot of how an individual article is being discussed, shared, and used. They combine traditional metrics, such as number of times cited, with altmetrics. Many databases allow you to view the number of times articles have been cited, but a several now have more in-depth information. Look at the box below to see the databases with more in-depth information.

Where Do I Find Article Metrics?

The Public Library of Science (PLOS) offers article-level metrics for any journals published in PLOS. Metrics shown include views, saves, citations, recommendations, and discussions (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). See an example below. You can also create reports with up to 500 PLOS articles.



Many of our resources have the altmetrics widget embedded within their database. Look at the list below to see where you can find altmetrics.

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