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Measure Your Research Impact

This guide covers some of the more common measures of author, journal, and article impact - what they are, and how to find them.

What are Altmetrics?

Altmetrics, or alternative metrics, are new measures that take into account online reader behavior, network interactions with content, and social media. Altmetrics are meant to complement, not completely replace, traditional impact measures and are measures of online attention and engagement.

Examples of Altmetrics include:

  • mentions on Facebook, Twitter, or online news sites
  • exports to citation management systems like Mendeley or Zotero
  • downloads (of full text articles, software, etc.)
  • comments in blogs or other online forums

Strengths of Altmetrics

  • Currency
    • Altmetrics can be gathered and calculated immediately, compared with traditional citations that accumulate slowly.
  • Diversity
    • Altmetrics capture data from a variety of sources, not just the traditional academic publishing setting, and thus may reflect the broader impact of research beyond the scholarly community.

Where Can I Find Altmetrics?

Locate PlumX in Scopus

  1. Search with Scopus for an Article
  2. Click on the article you are interested in.
  3. Look for the Metrics section on the article page.

Scopus AltMetrics

Locate PlumX in ScienceDirect

  1. Search within ScienceDirect for an article.
  2. Click on the article you are interested in.
  3. Look on the right-hand side for a box that says "Article Metrics." See example below.

Plumx Screenshot

This box will show you the number of citation, readers, and mentions in social media. You can click "view details" to see addition details (i.e., the actual tweet that mentioned the article).

Locate PlumX in EbscoHost

  1. Search within EbscoHost for an article. 
  2. Click on an article you are interested in.
  3. Look on the left-hand side for the PlumX Metrics logo.

Ebscohost screenshot

You can install this free bookmarklet for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari to view individual articles metrics when reading online journal articles.

Bookmarklet screenshot

You can create your own embeddable badge to place on your website. Visit and it will walk you through the steps to create your own custom badge.

You can use Impactstory to track how your research is being discussed online, with a focus on Twitter, blogs, and news outlets. It's free to register and use. See an example profile below.

impactstory screenshot

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