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Searching the Library Catalog

 Search the One Search Catalog for books and other library materials by
      keyword (recommended) or if you're looking for a specific item you can search by title,
      author, etc. 

When you find one book in the library catalog that looks useful, review the subject terms that are listed in the book's record.  Click on the link for any subject term that looks relevant to view other books in the library also on that subject. 

Some useful subject headings are:  


Children -- Nutrition

Older People -- Nutrition




Diet Therapy

Low-carbohydrate diet

Vegetarian cooking

Search Tips: Finding Books

  • Use the "Advanced Search" option within the online catalog.


  • Identify and brainstorm the keywords and concepts relevant to your search--usually noun concepts and their synonyms.
    Example: If you're researching the topic of "celiac disease," related terms may be "gluten enteropathy
    " or "sprue" or "gluten-sensitive enteropathy."

  • Use Boolean operators to link key words for searching. 
    To narrow a search to an exact topic, link major concepts with the Boolean operator "AND."
    Example: If searching for books about obesity in the United States, search for "obesity" AND "United States."

    To expand a search to retrieve more results, link synonyms or related concepts with the Boolean operator "OR."

    Example: To expand on the search above, search for: ("obesity" OR "overweight" OR "overnutrition") AND ("United States" OR "America" OR "USA")

  • Use truncation to search for all variations of a key word.        Example: If searching for books on diet search for "diet*", typing an asterisk or star symbol (*) at the end of the root "diet".  This will find books that mention "diet," "dietary," "diets," "dieting," "diet-induced," or "dietetics," all of which may be relevant to your research.


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