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Researching Nonprofits, Private or Local Businesses

Exploring details about nonprofits and private companies, including local businesses, poses a challenge since they aren't obligated to disclose financial information like publicly traded corporations. This lack of transparency makes researching private companies difficult. With fewer reporting requirements, statistical data on your company may be scarce. Additionally, the limited information available on many private companies often results in fewer research articles.

For information on a private or local company, consider searching through the following resources:

  • Company websites
  • Magazine or Journal articles (specific to the company or the broader industry)
  • Newspaper articles (especially for local companies)
  • Interviews

In cases where information on your specific company is scarce, it's beneficial to explore details about competitors and conduct industry or market research.

Valuable information of this kind can be found in resources like Business Source Premier or ABI/INFORM.

Databases for Nonprofits

Databases for Local Organizations

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