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MGMT 4300 Leadership and Management in Healthcare Environments

Leadership and Management in Healthcare Environments

Industry Analysis Framework


Industry Research Instructions

  • Research industries and gather industry statistics a from MarketLine
    • Easy to use database gives you a wealth of industry information including a composite SWOT analysis for leading companies, Porter's 5 Forces analysis with graphs for industries (global or by country) as well as consumer behavior statistics
    • Click MarketLine 
    • Enter your commany name and click GO
    • Click News for up to date industry news
    • Click Companies to see company profiles and SWOT analysis
    • Click Opinion to see analysts' predictions and trends
    • Click Industries to see comprehensive industry reports including Porter's 5 Forces analysis with graphs


  • Use IBIS World for a strategic analysis of your industry with easy access to upstream and downstream industries (supply chain) that your industry may be dependent upon or support
    • Click IBIS World
    • Enter key words to describe your industry
    • View reports by clicking on their title
    • Move through report contents by using links to the left or clicking the PDF link to get the whole report
    • To see related industries follow links in the box on the lower left called See Full Context


  • Retrieve industry ratios to determine how the industry is doing in terms of solvency as a whole along with highs and lows for companies in that industry from D&B Key Business Ratios


  • Get sample financial statements and up to 5 years of historical industry ratios with charts from BizMiner 
    • Select BizMiner 
    • Enter a keyword for your industry or search by SIC Code (Standard Industrial Classification) 
    • TIP: Use Google to find your company's SIC code by googling the company name and 'sic code'; It's a 2-6 digit code; Best one to use is the 4 digit one...2 digit SIC codes are too general; 6 are too specific. 
    • Click Search 
    • Select the industry that most matches yours 
    • Click Show Industry Reports 
    • Choose Industry Financial Profiles 
    • Select your revenue range (or all) and whether you want a 3 or 5 year report


  • Review more detailed industry surveys and industry related intelligence at ABI Inform Trade and Industry
    • Click ABI Inform Trade and Industry
    • Click the Browse tab at the top of the screen
    • Select FirstResearch under Industry and Market Research for quarterly industry reports; these reports are more granular that S&P's and oftentimes deal with very specific sub-industries while using examples of particular companies within the industry
    • Excellent resource for finding detailed information on a specific function or business within an industry (e.g. automobile dealerships as opposed to simply automotive industry.)
    • TIP: There are other links to things like market share, market research reports, and industry trends and forecasts; to get to these materials is a little tricky. You need to do the following:
      • Click the link for the thing you want
      • ProQuest will bring back all of the documents about that topic in the database; it could be thousands!
      • Limit to your industry or company by scrolling to the bottom of the page and addting the connector AND plus your keywords (e.g. AND automotive industry)


  • Mergent is another source of compiled industry surveys both United States and global ones
    • Select Mergent Online
    • Click Industry Reports
    • Select your industry
    • The industries covered are very broad but can be useful for the 'big picture'


  • Business Source Premier also has industry surveys and analysis; Theirs are unique in that they provide country breakdowns as well as archive up to 10 year's worth of historical, archived surveys
    • Click Business Source Premier
    • Select Publications towards the top of the screen
    • Move your eye down to the Browse box
    • Select Match Any Words
    • Enter your search terms free text (like a google search)
    • Click Browse
    • Review results
      • Click the title
      • Click the year to get most recent stuff (on the right hand side)
      • Results may come back as a set of documents! This means the documents as  a whole make up the report. You'll have to email/print each one individually...
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