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The mathematics research guide can guide you in finding relevant resources for your research such as journals and databases.

Refining Your Search

You can use AND, OR, and NOT to build a search phrase that helps narrow or broaden your search results.

  • AND: Narrows your search and retrieves results that include both terms you are searching.
    • I.e., birds AND "wind farms"
  • OR: Broadens your search and retrieves items that include both terms.
    • I.e., birds OR raptors
  • NOT: Narrows your search and excludes items with a certain term.
    • I.e., birds NOT raptors

You can also use " " quotation marks and ( ) parenthesis to build your search.

  • " " Quotation marks will tell the database or journal when you are looking for a phrase and keeps two or more terms together.
    • I.e., By putting " " quotation marks around the phrase "wind farms" the database or journal will know to only look for the two terms together.
  • ( ) Parenthesis put your search words into sets. It's particularly useful when you are using AND, OR, or NOT.
    • I.e., (Birds OR raptors) and "wind farms"

Locating E-Books

  1. Open OneSearch
  2. Choose your Initial Search Scope. Your best bet is to choose CSU Collections. It will allow you to see books available here at Cal State LA, along with books you can request from other CSU campuses.
  3. Type in what you are looking for in the search bar.
  4. Use the Refine my Results box on the left-hand side to filter your search.
    • For print books: Select Available in the Library under "Available at Cal State LA" and select Books under "Resource Type".
    • For e-books: Select Full-Text Online under "Available at Cal State LA" and select Books under "Resource Type"
  5. Narrow your search further with other filters on the left-hand side, including Date, Subject, or Author.

OneSearch Book Filters Screenshot

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