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General Biology

The biology research guide can guide you in finding relevant resources for your research such as journals and databases

What's on this page?

  • An introduction to Boolean Operators. Boolean Operators are words you can use to build your search in a way that is the most understandable for searching in databases and journals.
  • A review of the terms journal, database, and peer-reviewed articles.
  • A cartoon that introduces the process of peer review.

Using Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT) To Improve Your Search

AND, OR, and NOT are called Boolean Operators. You can use them to build a search phrase such as birds and "offshore windfarms". Search phrases can be used in databases like OneSearch or Google to narrow or broaden your search.

Boolen Operators Cartoon Example

Defining Articles, Journals, and Databases

Article Definitions Infographic

Understanding Peer Review

Peer-review means an article was reviewed by scholars or experts in the same subject or discipline as the author of the article. Typically the article will need to meet certain standards with regard to publishing journal or discipline.

                                               the peer review process cartoon

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