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Peer review made easy

Peer review isn't a tough concept. It just means that the article was reviewed by scholars and meets certain standards with regards to a publication or a discipline

Peer reviewed/scholarly articles are typically written by professors or specialists.

A great clue that something is peer reviewed or scholarly: The article contains a list of references or cites.

Still confused? Check out the video...

  Peer review in 3 minutes

Examples of Scholarly Articles



Qualitative Study

Quantitative Study

Literature Review



Sample groups too small to analyze using statistics




Produces numerical results/ analyzed statistically

An article that provides an overview of important research on a particular topic

Reviews several quantitative studies analyzing them looking for patterns/ trends within data

Reviews several qualitative studies analyzing them looking for patterns/ trends within data

Case Study


May involve experimentation

Considered scholarly but not primary research/ no new study is conducted

Uses existing studies

Uses existing studies



Survey/ questionnaire



Usually considered another form of quantitative research

Usually considered another form of qualitative research

Focus Groups






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