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Chicana(o) & Latina(o) Studies: CLS 1200 Chicanas/os Latinas/os, Gender, and Class in the US Experience

What is a reflection?

A reflection will provide an opportunity to apply your personal experience to themes, concepts, and readings of your choice. Your reflections will require you to engage in a critical analysis of a historical site of Los Angeles, put your site visit in conversation with materials from the course and gain a broader understanding of Los Angeles historical monuments that shape the lives of Chicanxs, Latinxs, and Angelenos.

How to respond to reading assignments?

Consider the following questions as you begin to form your reflection:


Was there something you read, was discussed, or experienced that triggered a specific emotion or response in you? 

How does it relate to what you have been studying or your prior knowledge or experiences?


How can I make reflections a habit: 

  • Write/record your reflection as soon as possible (the same day) and return to it later.
  • Discuss issues with friends and classmates to develop your own ideas and access a range of perspectives.
  • Use first person (I felt, I noticed, I thought…)

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