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Comics & Graphic Novels @ Cal State LA

Classes about or using comics, graphic novels, and manga

ANTH 4670 - Human Evolutions in Pop Culture

Examination of popular culture ideas about human evolution through use of current films, television shows, novels, and graphic novels/comic books

JAPN 2500 - Japanese Culture Through Anime and Manga

Study of Japanese culture through examination of comics, and animation. Taught in English.

LBS 4665 / TVF 4665 - Science Fiction Across Media

Examination of the origins and development of the science fiction genre across media such as print, film, radio, comics, television, and video games.

TVF 1938 - History of Comic Books

This class is a survey of the development of comic book art focusing on the artists, institutions and communities that have sustained and changed it.  The course highlights how the medium has acted as a vehicle for marginalized populations seeking artistic agency and as a forum both to uphold and challenge socially normative ideas and imagery.

ENGL 4540 - Selected Topics in Literature and Language [Graphic Medicine]

Variable content course in which each offering focuses on a selected topic in literature, language, or theory. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 units.


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