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Comics & Graphic Novels @ Cal State LA


Welcome! You can use this guide to locate comics, graphic novels, manga, and more within the University Library. Comic books and graphic novels are great for leisure and learning. If you don't see a title and you'd like to recommend it, please email Tiffanie Ford-Baxter at

Interested in creating or teaching with Zines? Check out our Zines guide.

Finding Graphic Novels and Comics

OneSearch is the search you'll use when you want to find comics and graphic novels that you can access through the library. You can use any of the approaches below when you begin searching.

  • Search with Keywords: If you're interested in a topic, but don't have a specific title in mind, you can use keywords to search that describe that topic.
  • Search by Title or Author: If you're looking for a specific comic or comics by an author, you can use OneSearch's advanced search to narrow down your results. There are more directions on this page about using the advanced search feature.
  • Search by Subject Headings (see below): Subject headings are assigned to each item in the library's catalog. Searching by a subject heading can help you find related titles for a specific subject area.

Search in a Database

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