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Creating Timelines with Knightlab

An overview of how to register, use, and find materials for Knightlab's Timeline tool.

Why Do We Need Permalinks?

The Library provides access to databases and archives unavailable for free to the public. Therefore, if you find a resource through the library, the link will 'break' if you copy/paste the link from the search bar (the URL link). Instead, create a permalink if you want to link users to something. If you are using a quote or an image from a database, be sure to cite it (see citing tab).

How to Create a Permalink

When linking to library resources online and in Canvas you want to make sure you use a permalink from OneSearch. Permalinks are internet addresses or URLs that remain consistent and do not change over time. For example, our library home page can always be reliably reached at because it is a permanent link. Using the permanent link for an item allows you to share the resource without worrying about the link breaking.

Creating Permalinks in OneSearch:
Click the Permalink option right above the book or article title.
Screenshot of Permalink Option in OneSearch


Creating Permalinks in Databases:

If you need to create a permanent link from your database search result, you need to add the library’s proxy prefix* as part of the permanent link. For example, if an article URL or DOI from a database search result like this (, you only need to add the library proxy prefix in front of this article URL as shown here:

*Please note, some of the databases links already carry our proxy prefix a part of the permanent URL.

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