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Creating Maps with HistoryPin

Create interactive digital maps with pinned archival or open web images, video, and text. Digital maps; digital tours; digital collections. Great for class and group assignments.

Basic Navigation

Once you are signed in, click on your Profile in the top right corner.


Use the Navigation Menu on the right to create a new collection, share an existing collection with people, or add pins to new or existing collections.


Add a Pin to Existing Collection

Use the quick "Add a Pin" button, or

Use the navigation menu to add a pin within a collection.

Pinning Photos Tutorial

This tutorial covers how to:

- Upload photos to your profile so you can pin them later.

- Upload photos and pin them to a collection from the main screen.

About Pin Types

You can pin images, video or audio files, and text entries. Get creative with how you'd like to pin locations, people, and events!

View other tabs in this guide for more on how to find photos and other items to pin.

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