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Resources for MBA consulting project

Useful Business Research Databases

Company Websites

Company Websites are valuable source of information. Zero in on the section for Investors (usually called Investor Relations). This section will have annual reports, SEC filings and reports of earning in the form of conference calls or presentations.

SEC filings are the most important and useful portion of investor relations. These are compliance documents that detail firm performance and future viability. The documents you want to look for:

  • 10K: This is the annual filing; Pay attention to Item 1, the business description and 1a, risk. Item 7 is also critical. This is called the Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Performance and Results of Operations (MDA). Crucial to understand financial performance and operations
  • 10Q: Quarterly filing. It 2a is the MDA for the quarter.
  • 8-K: Irregular filing of an event that materially affects the value of the firm; Think of a press release on steroids!
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