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Cal State LA Library Event Space Reservation Policies


University Library Event Space Reservation Information


The Cal State LA University Library is committed to creating a welcoming, safe and engaging learning environment that supports the educational mission of Cal State LA. As such:

  • The University Library Community Room is restricted to education-based events, workshops, and meetings that are open to the Cal State LA community and will be publicized on the University Library’s event calendar.

  • The University Library Innovation Hub is restricted to experimental-learning events, workshops, and meetings, or a one-time class lecture.

Social gatherings or private meetings that are neither sponsored nor co-sponsored by the Library should be scheduled through the appropriate University office. Spaces may include:

To further maximize use of library facilities by Cal State LA faculty and staff, regularly-scheduled meetings (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly), regularly-scheduled class sessions, reservations from non-Cal State LA persons or groups, and student reservations without a faculty/staff (“sponsor”) present will not be approved. Additionally, use of facilities must be consistent with the Cal State LA Use of Facilities Procedures  and Administrative Procedure 505, Use of Facilities and Equipment.


All events held in University Library facilities are subject to approval by the University Library Dean or designee. The Library reserves the right to cancel a reservation in order to maximize use of its facilities and will notify the sponsor if cancellation is necessary.

For detailed descriptions, photos, capacity information, and a list of furniture and technology in each room, please view Community Room page and the Innovation Hub page.

We thank you for your observation of these policies. For questions regarding events and event spaces, please contact Kelsey Brown.

Temporary Policies

Please note the following policies are temporarily in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Capacity Limit: There is no reduced capacity limit. The maximum capacity in the Community Room is 45 seated or 70 total and in the Innovation Hub 39 seated or 49 total.
  2. Food: Food and beverage is allowed in the Community Room, however must be served and consumed in the patio area outdoors. Food and beverage is not permitted inside the Community Room meeting area, except for water in resealable bottles. Food and beverage is not permitted inside the Innovation Hub, except for water in resealable bottles.
  3. Masks: Masks are required at all times in event spaces, regardless of vaccination status. Sponsors (those who have reserved the room) are responsible for ensuring all participants of events are wearing masks at all times. Failure to observe the masking requirement may result in event cancellation or impact ability to request library space in the future.
  4. Social Distancing: There are no social distancing policies in place for event spaces.
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