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CHEM 4890: Molecular Science Capstone

Welcome to your research guide! This guide will support you in your CHEM 4890 research.

Chemistry Branches

There are many approaches or disciplines of chemistry, including analytical, organic, inorganic, biochemistry, physical, and polymer. The American Chemical Society provides a general introduction to several branches.

The World of Chemistry encyclopedia offers good introductions to the approaches:

How can I find articles that use specific chemical approaches?

  • Head into a journal the focuses on a chemical approach. Start by searching our journal list for one of the approaches and see if any journals appear with the approach in the journal's name. For example, I searched analytical chemistry and found the Analytical Chemistry journal.
  • Try using "chemical approaches" or "chemical approach" as one of your search phrases.
  • Use a specific approach as one of your keywords. For example: "physical chemistry" AND "hydrogen bonds"
  • Try searching by subjects in American Chemical Society journals.
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