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Child & Family Studies

Use this to help you with research for Child & Family Studies courses.

Neighborhood Information Resources

The Census Bureau has created training videos to help you access Census data. 

APA Citation Example for Mapping L.A. Neighborhoods

Below is a sample citation for Mapping LA Neighborhoods. I used the neighborhood South Gate for this example. Remember to double space your citation, and use a hanging indent.


Los Angeles Times. (2016). South Gate: Mapping LA neighborhoods. Retrieved from



California Schools


The nespapers below are good sources for finding information about cities and neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area.


Types of Scholarly Articles



Qualitative Study

Quantitative Study

Literature Review


Sample groups too small to analyze using statistics




Produces numerical results/ analyzed statistically

An article that provides an overview of important research on a particular topic

Reviews several quantitative studies analyzing them looking for patterns/ trends within data

Case Study


May involves experimentation

Considered scholarly but not primary research/ no new study is conducted

Uses existing studies



Survey/ questionnaire



Usually considered another form of quantitative research

Focus Groups




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