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A comprehensive guide on using RefWorks. Includes directions and tutorials.

Finding Full-Text Articles to Read

To access the full-text, follow these steps

  1. Click on the article or item in Refworks
  2. A pop-up window should appear on the right-hand side. Look for the Full Text Link option pictured below and click on it.

Full Text Link

  1. The link will take you to the Library's search. You will then either see an option to access the PDF immediately or you will be prompted to log in. If you log in, you are able to request the article emailed to you for free.

Attaching PDFs

RefWorks has a built-in reader that will let you mark-up and add notes to PDFs. To use this feature, you will first need to attach the PDF to the citation in Refworks.

  1. Find the PDF for your article following the steps in the above section.
  2. Select the citation in RefWorks that you want to attach the PDF to.
  3. Click on the pencil icon the right-hand side pop-up box.Pencil Icon Refworks
  4. Look for the section called Attachments and select the add file button to upload the PDF. Add Files in Refworks

Reading and Annotating PDFs

Once you've uploaded a PDF and attached it to your article citation, you'll be able to read and add notes.

  1. First, find the citation and then click the "read" button. This will open the reading interface.Read Button Refworks
  2. Use the various tools on the toolbar to highlight text, and add notes and comments. Reading and Notes in RefWorks
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