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A comprehensive guide on using RefWorks. Includes directions and tutorials.

Saving References from OneSearch

When you find a resource in the library catalogue OneSearch (i.e., article or book) that you'd like to add to Refworks, click on the resource. Clicking on the resource will open up a menu that gives you the option to save to Refworks. Below, you will see a screenshot of what the menu looks like. Click on the Refworks button, and will it give you the option to export to your Refworks account. Refworks Export Option

Saving References from Databases

Within the library database (such as Academic Search Premier or Web of Science), check the records you want to save and then look for a link to Export, Save, or Download the records and click on it.

When you click to export your selected search results, you are presented with two options. Select the type of RefWorks account you have to save your citations. You can check the "Don't ask me this again" box at the bottom of the page to always use your preferred Refworks. The video below shows an example of how you export your citations with New Refworks.

Saving References from Google Scholar

  1. Conduct your search in Google Scholar.
  2. Under the article you are interested in, click the quotation mark icon that looks like thisCreate Bibliography Quotation Marks Icon.
  3. A pop-up box will appear on your screen. At the bottom of the box there will be a link to Refworks, click it.
  4. Select the version of Refworks you are using and then it will prompt you to log in if you haven't already.
  5. Your reference will be saved to your Refworks account.
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