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A research guide for students at Cal State LA in the Journalism program, part of the Television, Film, and Media department.

Why fact check?

Critically evaluating information is important for both consumers and producers of information. As a journalist, it is essential that you assess the accuracy of the information you present, no matter the source. Inaccurate information may be the results of simple mistakes, outdated information, confusing or misleading information, or outright lies.

The Society of Professional Journalists states in it's Code of Ethics, that "Ethical journalism strives to ensure the free exchange of information that is accurate, fair and thorough."

This page includes approaches on fact-checking your writing as well as resources for evaluating claims made by other journalists.

How to be a Fact-Checker

(6m 53s)

From the PBS Series Take on Fake, multimedia journalist Laura Garcia from First Draft walks us through how she fact-checked a viral video of an "escaped coronavirus patient" using free tools on the internet.

Media Fact checking tools

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