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A research guide for students at Cal State LA in the Journalism program, part of the Television, Film, and Media department.


Locating eBooks in OneSearch

After submitting a search, use the filters on the left side under "Available at Cal State LA"  to narrow your search to Full-Text Online, and Books under Resource Type (you may have to click show more to see books).

OneSearch Filters with Full-Text Online and Book selected


Under "Full text available at," click the link to access the book. Check the user options- some books have unlimited access, but others can only be used by one person at a time and may require you to check back after the other reader has left the book.

Book record with link to read showing unlimited user access

Request Books (CSU+)


You can request physical books be sent to the library from other Cal State campuses and libraries around the country. This service also includes digital access to single book chapters and electronic articles from institutions sent to you as PDFs. CSU+ is a free service and students and faculty may request as many items as you like!

  • In OneSearch, use the drop-down to expand your results to CSU Collections and Beyond
  • For items that are listed as "request from another library," log into your library account using your MyCalStateLA info to request the book
  • You will be notified by email when the item is ready for pick up
  • If you get a cancellation email, try our back-up service Interlibrary Loan.

OneSearch with CSU Collections and Beyond selected


Book record with red arrow pointing to the request option


Book reccord with red arrow pointing to the sign in button


CSU+ request options box

Textbooks on Reserve

  1. If you're looking for physical items (books, DVDs, etc.) that your professor has listed on your syllabus as "Course Reserve in the Library" search by title in the library's OneSearch to get the call number. Bring the call number to the Service Desk (Library North, 1st Floor) to check-out the item(s) for a limited loan period (as determined by your professor).

  2. If you are in a Canvas Course (and your professor has put course reserve materials there), Log in to Canvas and look for Reading List

Print Books

Books in the library are organized according to the Library of Congress classification system. Each book has a unique call number. They are organized so that similar subjects are next to each other on the shelf. When you find a book that you want in the library's catalog, write down the call number and location.

Book record with red arrows pointing to location and availability


For example, you would read the call number below like this:


Main Subject (F = History of the Americas)
Read in alphabetical order
A → B → BF → C → CM → CZ → D…

Sub-Subject (800 = History of California)
Read as whole numbers
10 → 25 → 476 → 1489 → 2000 → 4821…

Code for Author’s Last Name (.M347 = Kevin Mendoza)
Read the letter alphabetically and the number as a decimal (each number place individually)
.L6726 comes before .L72 (i.e. L6 before L7)

Publication Year (2013)
Read in chronological order
1875 → 1915 → 1965 → 2001 → 2012 → 2019…

Theses and Dissertations

The library keeps a copy of all the masters theses that have been written by CSULA students. Print copies prior to 2012 are available in Archives and Special Collections, and digital theses beginning Fall Quarter 2011 are available in ScholarWorks. 

Search for theses and dissertations from CSULA and other universities using OneSearch

  • Type search criteria like the subject, and hit 'Search' (ex. education).
  • Narrow the resource type to Theses & Dissertations
  • Select available in the library for print copies here at CSULA using the filters on the left hand side

In addition, check out these databases of digital theses and dissertations:

John F. Kennedy Memorial Library
California State University, Los Angeles
5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90032-8300