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Faculty Guide -- Library Media Accessibility

Library Streaming Media Resources

The library subscribes to several streaming video platforms and the vast majority of this online content includes Closed-Captioning (CC) and/or transcripts.

Alexander Street Video  Alexander Street's website complies with WCAG 2.0 and Section 508. Alexander Street runs synchronized transcripts with all of their videos and 98% of their English-language content is transcribed, with 80% of their films including on-screen subtitles, according to their Accessibility Statement. Additionally, any user can request a transcription for a title, and it will be transcribed within 30 days on average. Users can contact support for more information.

Ambrose Video (BBC Shakespeare Plays)  All programming distributed by Ambrose Digital complies with the closed captioning requirements established by the FCC.

Films on Demand  Films on Demand is Section 508 compliant and provides closed captioning and interactive transcripts for all English language content, per their Usability Statement

Kanopy  Kanopy provides a curated collection of streaming movies, including art house films and documentaries. Kanopy directly outlines its accessibility measures, including captioning and keyboard controls, on their Accessibility Statement. If users require captions for a film that does not yet have them, they can request captioning at, and it will be made available in 3-4 days.  All videos on this platform and most of the courses include English subtitles. All include a downloadable transcript.

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