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One Campus, One Book 2020 - 2021

One Campus, One Book is a program designed by the University Library to encourage a common reading experience and sense of community at California State University, Los Angeles.

Linking to the E-Book

If you wish to embed the e-book in your syllabi or other materials, here is the direct, stable link:

Assignment and Activity Ideas

Librarians who are members of the OCOB committee are here to support the integration of the book into courses. Always Running is a memoir that covers varied and rich content.

We hope the lists below spark ideas. Please contact a member of the OCOB Committee for further resources (Visit the Contact Tab).

Potential Activities:

  • Writing prompts
  • Reading Journals – read an excerpt or chapter, reflect in a journal, and have a discussion.
  • Discussions
  • Presentations
  • Digital Humanities projects (mapping, timelines)
  • Speeches
  • Concerts or study of musicians discussed in the book (e.g., Miles Davis)
  • Theater performances/adaptations
  • Letters (to a politician)


  • Discrimination and institutionalized racism  
  • Immigrant experience 
  • L.A. gangs 
  • Street violence 
  • Substance use 
  • Juvenile and criminal justice systems 
  • Police brutality 
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Intergenerational conflict and trauma
  • Mental health
  • Health systems and health disparities among low-income people of color and immigrants

Sensitive Topics in the Book

There are a number of sensitive topics that come up in the book. The One Campus, One Book Chair and Humanities Librarian, Paizha Stoothoff, has a document that lists page numbers of sensitive topics for instructors. If you'd like the document, please email Paizha at 

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