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Pride History via GLAAD


The majority of Pride events are held in June to commemorate the anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion in New York City on June 28, 1969, which most historians consider to be the birth of the modern LGBT movement. At the time, police raids on bars catering to LGBT patrons were common, but that night, the patrons of the Stonewall Inn fought back. While historical accounts of the night vary, the violent response ignited a national firestorm of activism that brought new visibility to the struggle for LGBT equality.

June is unofficially recognized as Pride Month by the LGBT community, and many Pride events still occur on the last Sunday in June to commemorate the anniversary of Stonewall. In some places Pride events stretch out over a weekend or an entire week, while in other areas, Pride events occur at different times of the year altogether (particularly in parts of the country where June is especially hot).


Over time, the smaller marches and gatherings organized by community members evolved into a highly organized slate of events attracting a broad range of LGBT community members and straight allies. The increasing popularity and visibility of Pride events can partially be attributed to greater levels of acceptance towards the community. While Pride events play a key role in raising the profile of the community and commemorating the history of the LGBT social movement, Pride also marks an opportunity for the community to come together, take stock and recognize the advances and setbacks made in the past year. It is also a chance for the community to come together and celebrate in a festive, affirming atmosphere.

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What's In This Guide?

This guide includes library materials that are available online for all Cal State LA students, staff, and faculty. To access an eBook or film, click the links and sign-in with your MyCalStateLA username and password. This guide also provides additional web resources.

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