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ACCT 3250 Leadership Accounting: Accounting Research Manager

Using ARM

Quick one minute video that shows you how to find a specific section of the codification using Accounting Research Manager.

Search Syntax

Search expression tips

Search expressions are treated as phrases unless you insert operators between the words in the search expression. Any portion of a search expression contained within quotation marks is treated as a phrase. The search expression determines which documents are returned in the search results. Below are guidelines that you can use in structuring the operators in your search expression:


Search expression Search results


accounting OR standards
accounting | standards
Finds all documents containing EITHER the word "accounting" OR "standards".
accounting ACCRUE standards
accounting, standards
Similar to "OR" with the following exception: Documents containing BOTH words are presented first in search results by relevance


accounting AND standards
accounting & standards
Finds all documents containing BOTH the word "accounting" AND "standards".


accounting AND NOT standards Finds all documents containing the word "accounting" BUT NOT the word "standards".


accounting SENTENCE standards Finds all documents containing the words "accounting" and "standards" in the same SENTENCE.


accounting PARAGRAPH standards Finds all documents containing the words "accounting" and "standards" in the same PARAGRAPH.


accounting standards
"accounting standards"
Finds all documents containing the phrase "accounting standards".


NOTE: When you want the search results to include documents with the following words and characters - or, accrue, and, and not, sentence, paragraph, "|", "&", "!" - enclose that part of your search expression in quotes. For example, if you want to search for the phrase "accounting or auditing" and the text "102(e)", your search expression would be: "accounting or auditing" AND "102(e)". Colons, commas, periods, and dashes are considered invalid characters and must be removed from the search expression.

(NOTE: The previous version included the NEAR operator. The NEAR operator has been eliminated.)


Advanced search options

Advanced search options allow you to set limitations and display choices for your search results. For example, you can limit the number of documents returned or categorize the documents returned by author.

Search option Description


Limit search results to: Allows you to limit the search results returned to 10, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 2500, or 5000 documents. For example, if you limit the search results to 10, the ten most relevant documents (based on other search options) will appear in the search results even if more than ten documents meet the search criteria.


Look for word variants? Allows you to include word variations in the search results. A word variation is the base word plus certain prefixes or suffixes. For example, if you are searching for "swim," the results will include "swims" and "swimming," in addition to "swim", but not "swam" or "swimmer".


Sort search results by: Allows you to sort the search results by relevance or alphabetically. The relevance score is determined by using the number of times the search text appears in the document and the size of the document.


Use fuzzy search? Allows you to use a fuzzy search for returning search results. A fuzzy search finds words with slightly different spellings and arrangement. For example, if you are searching for communication, the results will include "communicate", "communicating", and "communi-cation", in addition to "communication". For another example, if you are searching for "Califorrnia" (incorrect spelling), the results will include "California" (correct spelling).

Categorize by: Allows you to categorize the search results by subject, author, book, or company. For example, if you are categorizing by subject, documents with the subject "Accounting" assigned to them will fall under an "Accounting" heading.


Some useful tips:

  • When using proximity connectors (sentence and paragraph) check of Exact Phrase in Document button
  • Keep "YES" selected for the Look for Word Variants option; This will get plurals and different word endings
  • Use PREV, INDEX and NEXT at the top of the screen when you want to navigate between documents in sequence
  • What's New Checklist serves as a reminder of recent changes in the authoritative literature that should be kept in mind when working with a topic in a relevant document. Click COMBINE to get a list of all documents and titles as a simple update/overview of things that cannot be missed
  • Advanced Search allows you to limit your search to specific documents (standards, pre-codification, commentary etc.)
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