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Women in Science and Technology

This topic guide highlight resources about women scientists and their impact.

Nobel Prizes Awarded to Women

Since the origination of the Nobel Prize in 1901, 60 women have been awarded the Nobel Prize. Marie Curie is the only woman awarded twice, once in Physics in 1903 and again in Chemistry in 1911. Twenty-three of these women were honored for works in Chemistry, Physics, Physiology or Medicine. You can read more below about the works of these women and on the Nobel Prize website.

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You can learn more about the women Nobel Laureates by selecting an area on the left-hand menu for Chemistry, Physics, or Physiology and Medicine. A description of their work is provided from the Nobel Laureates website, along with a link to the Library's catalogue to find more resources such as books, videos, and articles.

Get to Know a Few Nobel Laureates

Carolyn Bertozzi [2022] - Chemistry

May-Britt Moser [2014] - Physiology or Medicine

Jennifer Doudna [2020] - Chemistry

Donna Strickland [2018] - Physics

"The sharp beams of laser light have given us new opportunities for deepening our knowledge about the world and shaping it. In 1985, Gérard Mourou and Donna Strickland succeeded in creating ultrashort high-intensity laser pulses without destroying the amplifying material. First they stretched the laser pulses in time to reduce their peak power, then amplified them, and finally compressed them. The intensity of the pulse then increases dramatically. Chirped pulse amplification has many uses, including corrective eye surgeries."

Donna Strickland – Facts – 2018. Nobel Prize Outreach AB 2023. Wed. 21 Jun 2023.

Read more about her research by searching the Library's Catalogue.

Andrea Ghez [2020] - Physics

Youyou TuYouyou TuTu Youyou [2015] - Physiology or Medicine

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