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Celebrating Black History Month 2023

A library guide sharing ebooks, movies, and more resources to honor Black History Month

Cross Cultural Centers

The Cross Cultural Centers includes the Asian Pacific Islander Student Resource Center (SRC), Chicana/o Latina/o SRC, Pan African Student Resource Center (PASRC), and Gender & Sexuality SRC. The mission of the Cross Cultural Centers at California State University, Los Angeles is "to encourage student learning as well as foster an inclusive campus environment that challenges racism, sexism, heterosexism, and other forms of oppression. With a commitment to increasing cross-cultural awareness, we offer a wide variety of programs and services that explore both the shared and unique experiences, histories, and heritages of our diverse community."

Black Alumni Network

The Black Alumni Network mission is:

"The Cal State LA Black Alumni Network was founded in 2018 to grow, sustain, and promote a thriving community of black students at Cal State LA, a premier comprehensive public university in Los Angeles. It is the energy, hard work, and passion of our students that inspires us to support and mentor our future alumni. As alumni, we value supporting students in higher education to continue with their personal and professional development. The Black Alumni Network exists to establish formal provisions to create opportunities that elevate our community through increased visibility, constructive programming, charitable initiatives, and fostered connections."

Other Organizations

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