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About the EGSA

Cal State L.A.’s English Graduate Student Association’s annual Significations Conference aims to provide professional development events to graduate students in the form of a conference presentation by offering various processes of participation with the goal of enhancing and fostering students’ academic growth. Student participation will range from announcing a call-for-paper (CFP) across disciplines and academic institutions, to making decisions about the atmosphere, ambience, number of sessions and panels, and faculty participation in the conference. Through these, the English Graduate Student Association (EGSA) will provide resources for graduate students to increase their knowledge about their fields of interest, learn emerging trends that supports students’ professional development, garner feedback from and converse with emerging scholars, gain practical skills such as public speaking, and finally, extend networking opportunities and create lasting connections amongst fellow graduate students and expert educators. 


We welcome all interested students to partake in our weekly meetings to learn more about putting together an academic conference! You can take the ENGL 5910 course "officially" for 1/2 units (credit/no credit) depending on the semester, or you can just be a part of the team in a more informal capacity.

Students are encouraged to submit an abstract for our upcoming conference and help volunteer for any sub-committees that interest them (i.e. CFP development committee, Flyer & Artwork committee, Program Development committee, etc.). 


The English Graduate Student Association holds various workshops throughout the academic year as part of the professional development aspect of ENGL 5910. Past topics include...

  • Thesis Formation & Development. The EGSA invites English department faculty to speak on the different thesis options available to the MA program, and recent almuni to speak on their experience formulating their thesis topics.
  • Abstract Revision. After submitting your abstract for Significations, feedback is given to students to ensure that the abstract aligns with the conference theme. In the past the EGSA has invited English department faculty and a guest speaker from the GRC to speak on different revision practices.
  • How to Present at a Conference. If this is your first conference, this workshop is for you. Learn some tips and tricks for delivering your best conference presentation.

Is there a topic you'd like to see workshopped? Let us know!

Significations Proceedings

Contact the EGSA

The EGSA can be reached through email at

Announcements about weekly meetings, workshops, and the Significations conference can be found on our social media pages.

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