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MGMT 5110 Research Methods

How to Search for Company Financials in Mergent Online

Step One:

Login to Mergent Online using the link provided above. Make sure you sign in with your mycalstatela username and password or use the campus VPN (link above).

Step Two:

From the database front page, find the search box, highlighted in red.  If you know your company's stock symbol then use that (ex. TGT for Target)

Mergent search screenStep 3:

From there, find the Company Financials page for as reported Annual balance sheets, Ratios and Analysis.


Step 4:

To access the company’s balance sheet, find the “analysis” tab and from this screen you can access the company’s income statement, balance sheet and ratio analysis.

Step 5: 

To find all of the company’s 10K filings click “Filings” tab. On this page you will only see the last 90 days.

To go further back, hit the “Click here for Edgar Search”. Put your Company Name again. Now find the Filing Date Search and select “Last 12 months”. Find the “Filing Type option and select ’10 K’.

From the results page you can download the data as a PDF or as an Excel.

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